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What kind of change is it?

As we wake up in a new year and new decade, we may have resolutions that we created out of excitement that now seem daunting. There is a lot of great advice on how to develop and maintain habits: start small, focus on the environment, attach to the habits you have, and create reminders and rewards (see for more

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Empty Vessels

“Where would there be leather enough to cover the entire world? With just the leather of my sandals, it is as if the whole world were covered.” — Śantideva A man was paddling his canoe up the river when he noticed a boat in the distance. The man moved to the right side of the river, as was the custom

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Asking for Help

I was on my hands and knees on the ground by the pond. Blood was dripping in a steady stream off of my head, forming a puddle on the deck. I had initially thought I had just bumped my head and that I would have an egg in the morning, but as I touched the injury with my right hand,

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How Managers Can Deliver More Effective Feedback

The most important role of a manager is to support the growth of the members of their team and one of the core ways that managers can do that is by providing effective feedback. I define effective feedback as both sharing the positive and negative aspects of what you have seen and ensuring that the employee is equipped to make

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Three things Servant leaders do

A senior leader recently asked me, “Isn’t servant-leadership just having the leader do the crappy work?” The answer is a complicated — maybe. If there is a task that needs to get done and the best way for the leader to help the team is for the leader to do it, then yes that is servant-leadership regardless of whether the work is

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