System Dynamics

In 2015, I was beginning first to explore complex systems, and I discovered System Dynamics. When people talk about systems thinking with any modeling rigor, they often mean Systems Dynamics. It is often considered an approach to dealing with complexity, even though this, and most other systems approaches, are most applicable when things are complicated and not when they are

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Tyranny of Metrics

This week’s book is not on complexity per se but looks at the role of metrics which can be detrimental when managing complexity. As many of us have just completed our OKRs for Q2, now is a good time to reflect on the metrics we have set. The book The Tyranny of Metrics by Jerry Z Muller was a book

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Harnessing Complexity

Notes On Harnessing Complexity

Harnessing Complexity by Axelrod and Cohen is an excellent introduction to Complex Adaptive Systems, specifically focusing on what this means for management. There is a lot in this book, and I can’t even scratch the surface here, but it is worth sharing a few points around three key interwoven processes: variation, interaction, and selection. Variation Variation is the diversity in

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Notes on Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps

This week I want to focus on a very practical book on complexity, Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps: How to thrive in complexity by Jennifer Garvey Berger. Garvery Berger outlines five quirks of thinking that have historically been beneficial but can create challenges when dealing with complexity. Simple Stories Humans have been elevated and connected by stories. Telling stories is part of

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Notes on Small Arcs of Larger Circles by Nora Bateson

I realized I missed the opportunity to highlight a woman’s work for international women’s day, so while it is a week late, I want to share the work of Nora Bateson. Bateson is a writer, filmmaker, and researcher. She practices transcontextual research. This is a study of the interdependencies that form complex systems. This research produces relational information Bateson calls

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