Are you really Values-Driven?

Hands offering something of value.

I have never seen a company list incremental revenue or increased margins as their company values. Most modern companies no longer list creating shareholder value or dominating a market as their mission. And yet, companies often make critical decisions based on revenue, margins, and market share. Today it seems like every company says that they are […]

Stop Blaming the Ghost

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Making tough decisions with compassion requires taking full responsibility for the choices you make and their consequences. Recently, when facing a tough situation, I found myself not living up to my expectations, and I was doing something that I have come to think of as blaming the ghost. Blaming the ghost is conjuring up an […]

Three ways leaders influence culture

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Three weeks after starting my new job I was having a conversation with my wife. “I don’t know that it is a great idea to go out tonight, it will be late and we have commitments in the morning.” She responded, “I know, but this will be the last chance to go out to a […]